Bingo is an exciting game that is being enjoyed more and more online. All Bingo Club offers an exciting bingo experience where new players and experienced players alike can experience a fun and rewarding online bingo experience.

If you are new to online bingo it may be a good idea for you to enjoy the free online bingo games that All Bingo Club offers.

All bingo club offers new players a 100 welcome bonus

How to Play Free Online Bingo

All Bingo Club makes it easier than ever for you to enjoy free online bingo games. In fact, as a new player, when you first sign up at the bingo room, you will be given the chance to play free online bingo.

Firstly, you must sign up and register at All Bingo Club. Next, log in as a new member of the bingo hall by entering your nickname and password and click on the “claim your bonus” window. A free £5 will be credited to your new account and this can be used to play games at All Bingo Club.

Using your free Money to Play Free Online Bingo

You can start to use your free £5 to play free online bingo games at All Bingo Club immediately. As you can find plenty of bingo games that cost 5 pence per card, you can play up to 100 free online bingo games with the bonus that you are awarded.

The great thing about these free games at All Bingo Club is that you can win real money when you play them. This money is credited to your account and can then be used to play even more games at the online bingo hall.

Advantages of Free Online Bingo Play

Particularly for new online bingo players, playing free online bingo games is a huge advantage. It can take some getting used to the rules and the layout of any bingo games and bingo sites. It is never a good idea to play for real money when you are not familiar with how to play and so using the free money to play free online bingo games will give you a head start when you do start using your own bankroll to play.

Using the free bonus money at All Bingo Club provides you with a great boost to your bankroll. You can win real money through these free online bingo games and this money can be added to your All Bingo Club account. The more money you have the more chances you have of winning and at All Bingo Club you can play free online bingo to increase your chances even more.

The only disadvantage of using the free online bingo money to play free online bingo games is that you cannot win the progressive jackpot when you are using this free bonus money. Everything else, however, is the same as if you are playing regular online bingo games for money. Whenever you are ready to move from free online bingo to bingo for real money, you can make the switch.